Blackmailing the Society Bride - Natsue Ogoshi & Penny Jordan

Blackmailing the Society Bride

By Natsue Ogoshi & Penny Jordan

  • Release Date: 2013-12-06
  • Genre: Femmes


Lucy’s life isn’t exactly a fairy tale. Pret a Party, the company she founded with her three friends, is verging on bankruptcy due to her ex-husband's embezzlement. But she refuses to discuss the matter with her gorgeous trustee, Marcus, because while she’d fallen for him the moment they met, he’d always treated her like a child. Her powerful feelings for him have caused her nothing but trouble, and even her marriage had been an act of rebellion against him. But one evening, after Marcus forcibly escorts Lucy home from a party, he suddenly kisses her! The kiss leads to a night of passion…so why does she awake the next morning to find him as cold and distant as ever?.