The Billionaire's Virgin Box Set - Sarah Morgan

The Billionaire's Virgin Box Set

By Sarah Morgan

  • Release Date: 2015-12-14
  • Genre: Contemporary


If you're ready to be mesmerized by the passionate and sensual stories of USA TODAY
bestselling author Sarah Morgan, look no further than The Billionaire's Virgin Box Set!

Capelli's Captive Virgin

Now that Lindsay Lockheart is working for Alessio Capelli, he
won't let her turn him down the way she did years ago. Alessio relishes the thought of
having a virgin in his bed, and he'll do everything to keep Lindsay captive!

Sold to the Enemy

Leandro Ziakas might be her father's most hated business rival, but when
Selene Antaxos needs to start a new life she apprehensively turns to Leandro for help.
Except the dark-hearted tycoon is nothing like the white knight she remembers!

The Vásquez Mistress

When innocent Faith arrives at his Argentinean estancia, Raul Vásquez
instantly resolves that she will make the perfect mistress! But as Faith gets swept up in
Raul's world, she discovers that she's done the one thing that was expressly forbidden…

Bought: The Greek's Innocent Virgin

At Angelos Zouvelekis's command, waitress Chantal has
no choice but to play the part of his bride-to-be. Angelos thinks she's nothing more than
a gold digger, until he makes a discovery that shatters his arrogant assumptions. Chantal
came to his bed a virgin…